Release notes on 4.3.1JP

Puppy Linux 431JP returns 2012 is released March 2012.

Puppy Linux 4.3.1 Japanese Edition(released December 2009) is a bugfix release of 4.30JP, arranged from the original Puppy Linux 4.3.1. (Changes on 4.3.1JP)

Puppy Linux 4.3 Japanese edition is an easy-to-use way in Japanese environment arranged by the Japanese forum member based on the original English version of Puppy Linux 4.3. Please note that there are differences with the original version besides a lot of Japanese translated applications. You can get another informations on Puppy Linux Japanese Edition (in Einglish)

Reffer to Original release notes too.

README-en.html describes how to use Puppy Live CD

The Japanese Edition is set up the locale to Japanese (ja_JP.UTF-8) and the time zone to Japan by the default, but is basically bilingual (English/Japanese). You can change the locale by clicking the setup icon on the top of the desktop. Select country, language(locale) such as 'en_US' and timezone. (Choose 'en_US.UTF-8' to use Japanese input method engine.)

Different kernels

Puppy Linux 4.3 Japanese edition is provided with 3 different kernels. Try another versions if you encounter troubles with the most recent kernel kernel.


Puppy Linux Japanese editon can be downloaded from the follow sites.

pup-431JP - kernel, SMP
ISO: http://openlab.jp/puppylinux/download/pup-431JP.iso (119MB)
md5sum: pup-431JP.iso.md5.txt

pup-431stdJP - kernel
ISO: http://openlab.jp/puppylinux/download/pup-431stdJP.iso (118MB)
md5sum: pup-431stdJP.iso.md5.txt

pup-431retroJP - kernel, SCSI support
ISO: http://openlab.jp/puppylinux/download/pup-431retroJP.iso (117MB)
md5sum: pup-431retroJP.iso.md5.txt

Differences from original version

  1. Japanese locale is 'ja_JP.UTF-8', whereas 'ja_JP.utf8' in the original version.
  2. Some reading rules of the main SFS file and additional SFS file are different from the original 4.3.1.
    Additional change on 4.3.1JP
  3. In a Japanese version, some applications are not displayed in the menu.
  4. Additional softwares only on the Japanese version
  5. Improvement of drive recognition

    The original version has a problem that some drives are not recognized at the first stage of the startup when the PC has two or more HDD and/or bootups from USB thumb drive/HDD. However, the improvement is added in the Japanese version.

Changes on 4.3.1JP

There are changes only on Japanese Edition in addition to the original release 4.3.1.


At first shutdown, you are asked where you want to save your personal files/data/settings to. The Japanese Edition has a special GUI to set them up before. Follow:
Menu > Utility > PupsaveConfig

Note that the pupsave is not the snapshot of this poit of time. It will be saved at the shutdown proccess.

Saving session to CD/DVD etc.
PupSaveConfig does not support saving session to CD/DVD(multisession) or to partition. Use legacy console dialg following next steps if you like to do so.

  1. Menu > Shutdown > Power off computer
  2. Press 'Skip'.
  3. Dialog on console asks where to save. Select proper options.

Swapping space

Swapping space(virtual memory) is required on PCs with small RAM(256MB and less). Apply one or more of the 3 ways listed here.

You can check the swapping space by using the command 'free' or 'cat /proc/swaps'.

Installing Puppy using Grub4Dos

Grub4Dos in the Japanese edition enables easy to install Puppy. Follow next steps. You need not use the Puppy Universal Installer.

  1. Boot from the Japanese edition live CD.
  2. Create a folder at the top layer of any partition (can be ntfs, vfat or ext2/ext3 file systems, v4.3.1JP except std/retro kernel allows also ext4), '/mnt/sda1/puppy' for example.
  3. Coppy all files in the live CD. (If you copy them on Windows OS, the file names may all turn to upper case, and '-'(hyphen) to '_'(underbar), etc. You need correct the fle names of file names in this occasion.)
  4. Menu > System > Grub4Dos boot loader. Answer 'OK' for any question.
  5. That's all. Remove the CD and bootup Puppy from HDD. If failed, bootup from live CD and check the above steps up.

Bug reports

Bugs and troubles to be reported to Puppy Linux Japanese Forum. The Japanese edition is modified from the original more than mentioned above. So, check out the original version if you suspect original bugs.

October 2009 (revised on December 2009)
Puppy Linux Japanese edition development team
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