This is Puppy Linux 4.3.1 Japanese Edition live CD(Released on December 2009). It is an easy-to-use way in Japanese environment arranged by the Japanese forum member based on the original English version of Puppy Linux 4.3.1. Note that there are differences with the original version besides a lot of Japanese translated applications.

Puppy Linux is provided as live CD's(.iso file). You can use Puppy Linux as soon as you bootup your computor from the live CD. You may need pressing [Del], [f.1], [f.2], [f.9], or [f.12] at the bootup and set up BIOS or select bootup media depending on your PC. Reffer the documents on your own PC.

You can get another informations on Puppy Linux Japanese Edition (in Einglish), Japanese Puppy Wiki, or Puppy Linux Japanese Forum.

Hardware Requirements
PC/AT compatible, CPU: Pentium 166MMX, RAM: 128MB, CDROM: x20 and faster.
640MB free area if you install on HDD or USB flash memory.

With RAM of 380MB gives good performance. In case 256 or less RAM, no problem with 256MB or larger presonal save file or swap area on HDD.

Different kernels

Puppy Linux 4.3.1 Japanese Edition is provided with 3 different kernels. Try another versions if you encounter troubles with the most recent kernel kernel.


Puppy Linux Japanese editon can be downloaded from the follow sites.

pup-431JP - kernel,SMP
ISO: http://openlab.jp/puppylinux/download/pup-431JP.iso (119MB)
md5sum: pup-430JP.iso.md5.txt

pup-431stdJP - kernel
ISO: http://openlab.jp/puppylinux/download/pup-431stdJP.iso (118MB)
md5sum: pup-430stdJP.iso.md5.txt

pup-431retroJP - kernel、SCSI support
ISO: http://openlab.jp/puppylinux/download/pup-431retroJP.iso (117MB)
md5sum: pup-430retroJP.iso.md5.txt

Odd filenames on Windows OS

The file names of the contents of Puppy Live CD on Windows OS may see such as like,
Correct file names are,
pup-431JP.sfs, zp431305.sfs, vmlinuz, initrd.gz (as for 4.3.1JP)
The charactor following 'pup' is a hyphen-minus(was underbar at v4.2x and older).

The live CD works with no problem even the file names shows odd on Windows OS if you reads this document(README.HTM) on CD. A popular mistake in burning '.iso' file is the case only one file 'PUP_431J.ISO' can be seen on the CD.

The odd file names make trouble if you try to copy them on HDD or on USB drives. We recommend to extract the '.iso' file downloaded with an archiver like 7zip if you need to copy the Puppy files.

Enjoy Puppy!
December 2009
Puppy Linux Japanese Edition development team
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