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Shinonome font family


Shinonome font family

"Shinonome Font Family" is a set of BDF bitmap fonts. The original author Yasuyuki Furukawa was pleased to hand over its maintenance to the /efont/.

These fonts are in Public Domain. Share and Enjoy.

Typeface Sample


If you want to get the latest snapshot from our CVS repository, please issue the following commands.

$ cvs -d :pserver:guest@openlab.jp:/circus/cvsroot login
CVS password: guest
$ cvs -d :pserver:guest@openlab.jp:/circus/cvsroot co efont-devel/shinonome

In case of updating, please try

$ cvs update -dP

Note that the option ``-dP'' is necessary.

Shinonome font for Palm J-OS

Shinonome 12 dot font for Palm J-OS(Japanese Environment for Palm OS) is now available.
Please visit Tomohiro TERUI's Web site .

You can get 16dot version in Aoshima's web site.
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