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*Inside of the Ring Server

RingServer Administrative Group

Build the largest and most useful software library in the world. We also provides this Open Laboratory.
Leader: Ring Server Project

Fumio Kawamata's Open Laboratory

The Hyper Juke, an Audio-CD database with media player. The Tiny Database Desktop, an utility program to create Borland Paradox formatted table. The CHARAC, a toy program which convert bitmap image into characterized picture.Programs for the Delphi programmers, and some macro programs.
Leader: Fumio Kawamata

Kitaro C3Lab (Japanese pages only)

Leader: Yukio Hirohata

edict OpenLab

This is for the purpose of talking about electoronic dictionaries and distributing related tools.
Leader:Kazuhiko Shiozaki

Jcode OpenLab

Virtually all Japanese perl coders must have used, a perl code that converts Japanese text from one char set or another. While has all the functionalities necessary, it has some problems. So I have written

Leader:Dan KOGAI

Expanding SKK OpenLab

SKK is one of Japanese input method which was created in 1987 by Masahiko Sato, a professor of Kyoto University. We will expand this SKK further in this openlab.
SKK is an abbreviation of `Simple Kana to Kanji conversion program'. Some people say SKK should be `simple' as its name indicates and should not be complicated in both of its features and structure of files. The goal of this openlab is that we can say, `SKK is still simple in its main features, but optionally expandable and still fast!'

Leader:Mikio NAKAJIMA, Yosiaki IIDA, Tsuyoshi AKIHO, Toru YANO, Tetsuo TSUKAMOTO and Tsuyoshi KITAMOTO

Tsuneo's Open Laboratory (Japanese pages only)

Leader:Tsuneo YOSHIOKA

T-code OpenLab (Japanese pages only)

This laboratory is for developing and distributing software systems for T-code, a direct input-method in Japanese.

Leader: Hidehiko Masuhara

/efont/ Electronic Font OpenLab

The Open Laboratory for exchanging information about electronic fonts. We also develop electronic fonts and related programs.

Leader: Kazuhiko Shiozaki, Kenzi Cano

DNS Balance OpenLab

DNS balance is a load-balancing DNS server. DNS Balance will guides you to appropriate server in each client.
DNS Balance OpenLab will improve DNS Balance itself and will make another server rating system.

Leader:Hiroshi YOKOTA

GNUjdoc OpenLab

GNUjdoc is a central archive of Japanese translations of GNU documents. It also provides a framework to install documents with ease.

Leader:Yosiaki IIDA

doc-ja archive

This project aims to establish a community among the developers related to translation of technical documents, such as foreign software's manual and so on.

Leader:Hiroki SATO

up1date OpenLab

up1date is a simple downloader for Red Hat Linux's updated packages. Use it to download security and bugfix packages from RingServer. It is written in shell script and can be easily modified.

Leader:Yasuhide NAKAMURA

Puppy Linux OpenLab

Puppy Linux is a superb, light-weight, fast and versatile Linux distribution with a great selection of applications, graphical system administration utilities and all sorts of unique features not readily available elsewhere.

Leader:Shigekazu SATOU


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We, the Ring Server Project, highly appreciate them.

The Ring Server Project

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