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Fri Oct 28 13:07:30 2005 UTC (15 years ago) by futoshi
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Add gengetopt-2.14.

    1: gengetopt 
    3: This program generates a C function that uses getopt_long function
    4: to parse the command line options, validate them and fill a struct.
    6: Usage: gengetopt [OPTIONS]...
    8:   -h, --help                  Print help and exit
    9:   -V, --version               Print version and exit
   10:   -i, --input=filename        input file (default std input)
   11:   -f, --func-name=name        name of generated function  
   12:                                 (default=`cmdline_parser')
   13:   -a, --arg-struct-name=name  name of generated args info struct  
   14:                                 (default=`gengetopt_args_info')
   15:   -F, --file-name=name        name of generated file  (default=`cmdline')
   16:   -c, --c-extension=ext       extension of c file  (default=`c')
   17:   -H, --header-extension=ext  extension of header file  (default=`h')
   18:   -l, --long-help             long usage line in help
   19:   -u, --unamed-opts[=STRING]  accept options without names (e.g., file names)  
   20:                                 (default=`FILES')
   21:   -n, --no-handle-help        do not handle --help|-h automatically
   22:   -N, --no-handle-version     do not handle --version|-V automatically
   23:   -e, --no-handle-error       do not exit on errors
   24:   -g, --gen-version           put gengetopt version in the generated file  
   25:                                 (default=on)
   26:   -C, --conf-parser           generate a config file parser
   27:       --set-package=STRING    set the package name (override package defined in 
   28:                                 the .ggo file)
   29:       --set-version=STRING    set the version number (override version defined 
   30:                                 in the .ggo file)
   31:       --show-help             show the output of --help instead of generating 
   32:                                 code
   33:       --show-version          show the output of --version instead of 
   34:                                 generating code

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