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@c -*-texinfo-*-
@c This is part of the GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual.
@c Copyright (C) 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1998 Free Software Foundation, Inc. 
@c See the file elisp.texi for copying conditions.
@setfilename ../info/hooks
@node Standard Hooks, Index, Standard Keymaps, Top
@c @appendix Standard Hooks
@appendix 標準のフック

@c The following is a list of hook variables that let you provide
@c functions to be called from within Emacs on suitable occasions. 

@c Most of these variables have names ending with @samp{-hook}.  They are
@c @dfn{normal hooks}, run by means of @code{run-hooks}.  The value of such
@c a hook is a list of functions; the functions are called with no
@c arguments and their values are completely ignored.  The recommended way
@c to put a new function on such a hook is to call @code{add-hook}.
@c @xref{Hooks}, for more information about using hooks.
@dfn{ノーマルフック}(normal hooks)です。

@c The variables whose names end in @samp{-hooks} or @samp{-functions} are
@c usually @dfn{abnormal hooks}; their values are lists of functions, but
@c these functions are called in a special way (they are passed arguments,
@c or their values are used).  A few of these variables are actually normal
@c hooks which were named before we established the convention that normal
@c hooks' names should end in @samp{-hook}.
普通、@dfn{アブノーマルフック}(abnormal hooks)です。

@c The variables whose names end in @samp{-function} have single functions
@c as their values.  (In older Emacs versions, some of these variables had
@c names ending in @samp{-hook} even though they were not normal hooks;
@c however, we have renamed all of those.)

@c !!! need  xref  to where each hook is documented or else document it
@c by specifying what is expected, and when it is called relative to
@c mode initialization.

@table @code
@item activate-mark-hook
@item after-change-function
@item after-change-functions
@item after-init-hook
@item after-insert-file-functions
@item after-make-frame-hook
@item after-revert-hook
@item after-save-hook
@item auto-fill-function
@item auto-save-hook
@item before-change-function
@item before-change-functions
@item before-init-hook
@item before-make-frame-hook
@item before-revert-hook
@item blink-paren-function
@item buffer-access-fontify-functions
@item c-mode-hook
@item calendar-load-hook
@item change-major-mode-hook
@item command-history-hook
@item command-line-functions
@item comment-indent-function
@item deactivate-mark-hook
@item diary-display-hook
@item diary-hook
@item dired-mode-hook
@item disabled-command-hook
@item echo-area-clear-hook
@item edit-picture-hook
@item electric-buffer-menu-mode-hook
@item electric-command-history-hook
@item electric-help-mode-hook
@item emacs-lisp-mode-hook
@item find-file-hooks
@item find-file-not-found-hooks
@item first-change-hook
@item fortran-comment-hook
@item fortran-mode-hook
@item ftp-setup-write-file-hooks
@item ftp-write-file-hook
@item indent-mim-hook
@item initial-calendar-window-hook
@item kill-buffer-hook
@item kill-buffer-query-functions
@item kill-emacs-hook
@item kill-emacs-query-functions
@item LaTeX-mode-hook
@item ledit-mode-hook
@item lisp-indent-function
@item lisp-interaction-mode-hook
@item lisp-mode-hook
@item list-diary-entries-hook
@item local-write-file-hooks
@item m2-mode-hook
@item mail-mode-hook
@item mail-setup-hook
@item mark-diary-entries-hook
@item medit-mode-hook
@item menu-bar-update-hook
@item minibuffer-setup-hook
@item minibuffer-exit-hook
@item news-mode-hook
@item news-reply-mode-hook
@item news-setup-hook
@item nongregorian-diary-listing-hook
@item nongregorian-diary-marking-hook
@item nroff-mode-hook
@item outline-mode-hook
@item plain-TeX-mode-hook
@item post-command-hook
@item pre-abbrev-expand-hook
@item pre-command-hook
@item print-diary-entries-hook
@item prolog-mode-hook
@item protect-innocence-hook
@item redisplay-end-trigger-functions
@item rmail-edit-mode-hook
@item rmail-mode-hook
@item rmail-summary-mode-hook
@item scheme-indent-hook
@item scheme-mode-hook
@item scribe-mode-hook
@item shell-mode-hook
@item shell-set-directory-error-hook
@item suspend-hook
@item suspend-resume-hook
@item temp-buffer-show-function
@item term-setup-hook
@item terminal-mode-hook
@item terminal-mode-break-hook
@item TeX-mode-hook
@item text-mode-hook
@item today-visible-calendar-hook
@item today-invisible-calendar-hook
@item vi-mode-hook
@item view-hook
@item window-configuration-change-hook
@item window-scroll-functions
@item window-setup-hook
@item window-size-change-functions
@item write-contents-hooks
@item write-file-hooks
@item write-region-annotate-functions
@end table

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