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Wed Jun 9 11:54:17 1999 UTC (21 years, 5 months ago) by hayashi
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Add new translation for CVS 1.10.6

This archive contains Japanese translation of cvs.texinfo distributed
with CVS 1.10.5.  This is version 1.00 of cvs-1_10_5-ja.texi.tar.gz.
Originally, cvs.texinfo in CVS 1.9 is translated to Japanese by Makoto
Hiroyasu. His version is distributed as cvs-jp-19991025.tar.gz.  The
differences of cvs.texinfo between CVS 1.9 and CVS 1.10.5 are translated
by Yoshiki Hayashi.

This archive contains following files:
README		This file
cvs-ja.texinfo	Japanese translation of cvs.texinfo
CVSvn.texinfo	Extracted from CVS 1.10.5 source distribution
cvs-ja.dat	Partial list of terminology translation

For further information, please read README.ja

Yoshiki Hayashi

FreeBSD-CVSweb <>