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Sat Jan 19 11:52:35 2002 UTC (18 years, 8 months ago) by futoshi
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Add one line to TODO.

-*- Text -*-

Write gnujdoc manual, which should include the information currently
in the file `HACKING'.

Make sure that the author fields in the file `MANUALS' are filled by
suitable persons.

Fix the multiple versions per software problem.

Add automatic checkout support.

configure should check if programs that the user can specify work
correctly (emacs, ptex and texi2html).

HTML support should be included in automake, and should be removed
from our makefiles.

Use makeinfo instead of Emacs when makeinfo will be internationalized.

Add existing Japanese documents.

Use new Autotools when server for GNUjdoc project will be installed them.

Of course, translate more documents into Japanese!

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