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-*- Text -*-
GNU Japanese Documentation package version 0.0.

This is the GNU Japanese Documentation package. We intend to make a
package for Japanese documents about the GNU Project, and provide
simple and easy installation methods for end-users.

For instructions on installing the package, see the file `INSTALL'.

The latest package can be obtained from our cvs server; The cvsroot
is `',
and the module name is `gnujdoc'. The password for the `guest' user
is `guest'.

If you want to get only a part of gnujdoc documents, you may get the
top-level directory and subdiretories that you want, like this:

$ cvs -d \
    checkout -l gnujdoc
$ cvs -d \
    checkout gnujdoc/automake

Now, change directory to gnujdoc and execute autoreconf command with
-f (--force) and -i (--install) options.

$ cd gnujdoc
$ autoreconf -fi

If you get some error messages, please upgrade some packages, such as
autoconf, automake, texinfo, and emacs.  Configure script is now
avaiable, you could follow INSTALL file.

Please refer to the file `MANUALS' to see what manuals are included
in the package.

Bug reports for the package should be sent to the gnujdoc mailing-list
<>. If you are interested in this project, then join
the mailing-list `'. How to join the mailing-list is
described in <URL:>.

FreeBSD-CVSweb <>