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-*- Text -*-

This file says what manuals exist in gnujdoc. The character `+' in the
first column of each entry represents that the manual exists in
current version of gnujdoc, while the character `-' does that the
manual is not in current version any longer. And, the second column is
the description of the manual, the third one is the directory, and the
fourth one is the mail address of the author or the maintainer if the
first column is `+' and is the CVS tag to checkout the manual if the
first column is `-'.

Thus, you can obtain any manual you want, by following this:

$ cvs -d \
      checkout gnujdoc/[The directory that has the manual you want]

in a case where the manual exists in current version, otherwise:

$ cvs -d \
      checkout -r [The tag that represents the manual] gnujdoc

For instructions on installing the package, See the file `INSTALL'.

+   Autoconf 2.12	       autoconf-1.2	    ?
+   Automake 1.3	       automake-1.3	    okuji
+   Bison 1.25		       bison-1.25	    ?
+   CVS 1.10		       cvs-1.10		    hayashi
+   CVS 1.10.5		       cvs-1.10.5	    hayashi   
+   Emacs 20.3		       emacs-20.3	    ?
+   Flex 2.5.4		       flex		    kichikaw
+   GDB 4.16		       gdb-4.16		    kichikaw
+   GDB 4.17		       gdb-4.17		    kichikaw
+   Hurd 0.2		       hurd-0.2		    okuji
+   GNU Coding Standards       standards-19981118   okuji

hayashi: Yoshiki Hayashi  <>
kichikaw: Kazuhisa Ichikawa  <>
okuji: OKUJI Yoshinori  <>

FreeBSD-CVSweb <>