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Thu May 10 09:58:57 2001 UTC (19 years, 5 months ago) by futoshi
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Add binutils-2.10.1. But binutils-ja.texi only.

    1: Kazuhisa Ichikawa contributed and maintains Japanese translations of
    2: GDB and flex manuals.
    4: OKUJI Yoshinori originally designed the package, contributed the GNU
    5: Coding Standards, the GNU Automake manual and the GNU Hurd Reference
    6: manual, co-maintains the package, and maintains the server machine.
    8: YAMASHITA Takao maintains and improves the package.
   10: Yoshiki Hayashi maintains Japanese translation of CVS manual.
   12: Nishio Futoshi contributed fileutils, grep, libtool, sh-utils,
   13: texinfo, textutils, wget, and binutils-ja.texi.
   15: Yuji Minejima contributed Japanese translation of m4 manual.

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