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[DIR] autoconf-2.12/
[DIR] autoconf-2.13/
[DIR] autoconf-2.52/
[DIR] autoconf-2.53/
[DIR] autoconf-2.54/
[DIR] autoconf-2.57/
[DIR] autoconf-2.59/
[DIR] automake/
[DIR] automake-1.3/
[DIR] automake-1.4/
[DIR] automake-1.5/
[DIR] automake-1.6/
[DIR] automake-1.7/
[DIR] automake-1.8/
[DIR] automake-1.9/
[DIR] binutils-2.10.1/
[DIR] binutils-2.11/
[DIR] binutils-2.11.2/
[DIR] binutils-2.12.1/
[DIR] binutils-2.13/
[DIR] binutils-2.14/
[DIR] binutils-2.16.1/
[DIR] bison-1.25/
[DIR] bison-1.28/
[DIR] coreutils-5.0/
[DIR] coreutils-5.2.1/
[DIR] cvs-1.10/
[DIR] cvs-1.10.5/
[DIR] cvs-1.10.6/
[DIR] cvs-1.10.7/
[DIR] cvs-1.10.8/
[DIR] cvs-1.11/
[DIR] diffutils-2.8.1/
[DIR] elisp-manual-20-2.5/
[DIR] emacs-20.3/
[DIR] emacs-20.6/
[DIR] fileutils-4.0/
[DIR] fileutils-4.1/
[DIR] findutils-4.1/
[DIR] findutils-4.2.23/
[DIR] flex/
[DIR] flex-2.3.7/
[DIR] flex-2.5.4/
[DIR] gdb-4.16/
[DIR] gdb-4.17/
[DIR] gdb-4.18/
[DIR] gengetopt-2.14/
[DIR] grep-2.4.2/
[DIR] grep-2.5/
[DIR] gzip-1.2.4/
[DIR] hurd/
[DIR] hurd-0.2/
[DIR] libtool-1.3.5/
[DIR] libtool-1.4/
[DIR] libtool-1.4.1/
[DIR] libtool-1.4.2/
[DIR] libtool-1.5/
[DIR] m4-1.4/
[DIR] sandbox/
[DIR] sed-3.02/
[DIR] sed-4.0.1/
[DIR] sed-4.1.2/
[DIR] sh-utils-2.0/
[DIR] standards/
[DIR] standards-19981118/
[DIR] texinfo-4.0/
[DIR] texinfo-4.2/
[DIR] texinfo-4.3/
[DIR] textutils-2.0/
[DIR] wget-1.10/
[DIR] wget-1.5.3/
[DIR] wget-1.6/
[DIR] wget-1.7/
[DIR] wget-1.8.1/
[DIR] wget-1.9/

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