A test program of The Selective SMTP Rejection (S25R) System

Copyright (C) 2005 Fumio Kawamata

Created on November 23, 2005. Last modified on December 29, 2005.

The TestS25R.exe is a test program in order to confirm the implementation of the Selective SMTP Rejection (S25R) System in the Borland Delphi language. The S25R system is an original idea by ASAMI Hideo, Japan. See his web page for more information about the S25R system.

The TestS25R.exe is free software which was developed and checked its operation on the Microsoft Windows XP SP2. The source codes written by Fumio Kawamata are reusable and reditributable under the term of the GNU GPL. See gpl.txt which is included in the package.

The S25R system is designed for the Message Transfer Agent (MTA) fundamentally. However, I applyed the idea due to identify whether the mail sender sent the mail directly without using his/her ISP's mail server.

The TestS25R.exe reads mail headers, extract sender's IP address, obtain sender's host name, reverse lookup check and judge wether the sender's host name match one of the six rules.

Archive file (Executable file and whole source codes) [Download file] tests25r100.zip (462,846 Bytes)

Snap shot of the prgram

[Snap shot of TestS25R.exe]

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