Load-Balancing DNS server "DNS Balance"

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FreeBSD ports by Akinori MUSHA.

What is DNS Balance?

Ring Server makes load graph to help your server selection. But this method is not so good because of requires some your time.

DNS Balance tells best choice for yours.

How this work?

DNS Balance uses client's IP address and server's rating list to select server. Rating list is reloads between 5 minutes.

You can use any method to create this rating list. Ring server creates the list from network load and server load.
Up-to-date version of DNS Balance can use AS (Autonomous System) number to select server. Please see source code to find how its works.

You can also create some other method. For example...

If you have some idea, please tell me.


Dounloads from here.(Sorry, this is japanese page. But archive has english document.)


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